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I do enjoy my AP Prep lessons and I have told my friends about how wonderful this program is. I am impressed with my teacher's ability to adjust her teaching according to my needs for the AP Chinese practice. I appreciate her many emails as well. Minnie, thank you for your support behind the scenes! I'd also like to share some good news with you – I passed the AP Chinese Exam!
-- Stephanie Lau, Honolulu, HI
Aug, 28, 2009
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AP Chinese practice course focuses on improving your speaking, listening, reading, writing, as well as your familiarity with Chinese culture. You will have one-to-one AP Chinese practice from professional teachers. Our professional teachers will select appropriate AP Chinese practice materials based on your specific needs and level to make your AP test preparation more effective. After we determine your strengths and weaknesses in the various sections of the AP Chinese test, we will work with you on an individual basis to ensure that you will get the best test score possible.

What is AP Chinese Language and Culture exam?

The AP Chinese Language and Culture course and exam are an important step in a commitment by the College Board to further multiculturalism and multilingualism in secondary school education. The AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam is approximately two hours and 15 minutes in length. It assesses Interpersonal, Interpretive, and presentational communication skills in Mandarin Chinese, along with knowledge of Chinese culture.

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