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We have business activities in China, and we chose eChineseLearning to train our employees regularly. One key reason that we use them is that they can customize lessons to meet our employee's needs and schedule. eChineseLearning's service is really professional and we will continue to work with them in Chinese language training.
    -- Jeff Ryan, New York City, NY

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Corporate Services

We offer customized solutions for corporate clients who are interested in Mandarin Chinese language training. We work with each corporate customer very closely to understand its specific Chinese learning needs and design a customized solution. Because we design each Chinese lesson around you, the curriculum is always relevant to your particular enterprise or industry. We have a broad knowledge that helps us to customize curriculums for you with highly trained professional teachers to deliver customized Chinese language services directly to you.

  Customized Mandarin Chinese Training.
  Industry-specific Chinese Training (manufacturing, finance, medicine, technology, education, and more)
  Job-specific Business Chinese Training (meetings, negotiations, etiquettes, etc.)

Our corporate services have following additional benefits:

  Flexibility and convenience. Employees can learn Chinese at any time of their own convenience wherever they want. Employees don't have to travel to physical locations to take classes, thus minimizing interruption of daily work or avoiding missing classes due to business travel.

  Professional service. Customized curriculum and teaching style based on each individual employee's level, capability and pace. Professional teaching plan and progress reports developed for each employee based on individual needs.

We have helped employees from the following companies:

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