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"This is an extremely good way to either learn or improve your Chinese. The teachers are very well-qualified, the scheduling is extremely flexible, and the price is unbelievably cheap -- a small fraction for what you would ordinarily have to pay in the US for such high quality one-to-one tutoring. I am recommending it to all of my students."
-- Anthony Zaloom, Adjunct Professor, University of California, Berkeley
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Learn Chinese Conversation -Free online Chinese learning materials

Learn Conversational Chinese at eChineseLearning
Daily ChineseThis Mandarin Chinese course is for students who do not have enough time to learn Chinese systematically and yet are interested in being able to get by using Chinese in everyday life.
Free Chinese Conversation Lessons Learn Chinese by listening to our online Chinese lessons for FREE! These recordings are chosen from ChineseCast, our online daily broadcast program specifically designed for Chinese learners for various levels.
More Chinese Conversation Resources
Zhongwen Pinyin Chat (By Harbaugh, Rick) This is the first chat site in Pinyin for you to learn Chinese.
China gate (By China Internet Information Center) Seventeen lessons with recordings for vocabulary and text. Supplementary learning material for intermediate or advanced learners to learn Chinese.
Real Chinese (By BBC) 11 units. A lively introduction to Mandarin Chinese in 10 short parts. You'll also find useful Chinese phrases with tips on pronunciation and grammar, cultural notes and a short challenge to check what you've learnt.
Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese (By Yuan, Haiwang and Remy Guo) Topics for you to learn useful Chinese expressions: Chinese for teachers, Parenting, Greeting, Shopping, Dining, Traveling, Time, Weather & Holidays, What & How.
Chinese Phrases for Travelers (By Touming Michiru Okuda) This site uses the Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin to provide useful Chinese phrases for travellers. The phrases can be seen and heard so it is easy for you to learn Chinese.
Find Chinese Penpals (By This is a web site to find penpals for learning and exchanging languages. Users may find penpals all over the world. It is recommended to use Skype and Paltalk to learn Chinese or other languages. Penpals can also find some lesson plans to study together. Very good online activities to help learn Chinese. Singing up is required to join the community.
Putonghua for Beginners (By Xu, Xunfeng) Seven lessons of converSAT Ⅱional Chinese. Sound files available. Simple and easy for beginners to learn Chinese.
Conversation Chinese Course (By The course is for Chinese beginners, and help them to learn daily converSAT Ⅱional Chinese.
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