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eChineseLearning, one of the world's leading online Chinese language schools specializing in 1-to-1 live video instruction and supplementary education programs, announced an alliance with in Beijing, China. The central product of this alliance is an innovative and ground breaking internet channel. This collaborative channel features services and content directed at assisting Mandarin Chinese language learners with their Mandarin studies.   October 13, 2008     Entire article
 "Called eChineseLearning, this system uses a one-to-one live instruction approach. Each student has a personal teacher, on camera, conversing directly — even if they are separated by vast geographic distances. The student can hear the teacher's correct pronunciation, and see what the teacher writes on the board. When the student imitates the sounds, the teacher can correct their pronunciation. The student also can show the teacher his or her own written work on camera, and get immediate response."  October 5, 2008      Entire article
 "eChineselearning is really an excellent program that has no parallels," wrote one student in an evaluation of the program. "Having the ability to talk live with an instructor in Beijing is truly an awesome experience. Communication over the Internet is similar to the phone in sound quality, and while I had some initial complaints and reservations, I realized that it actually helped me to understand Chinese better."  September 10, 2008      Entire article
 eChineseLearning was not only easy-to-use and as intimate as the tutor I saw face-to-face for $40 an hour, the teacher used technology to make learning even more efficient.  January, 2008      Entire article
 China is one of the fastest growing economies of the World and people across the glob wish to start business in China. March 8, 2008       Entire article
 eChineseLearning featured on China Radio Internatio nal's "Voices from Other Lands" recently. January 31, 2008      Click to listen       Entire article
 SAN FRANCISCO — Teachers in Beijing are teaching Chinese to students in the United States and 41 other countries through the Internet language school eChineseLearning. January 29, 2008      Entire article
Born in Beijing, Fred Rao, founder and CEO of eChineseLearning, speaks passionately about his teaching adventure and mission: to cover every corner of the world with the Chinese language. January 7, 2008      Entire article
SAN FRANCISCO – Chinese language teachers in Beijing don’t need to apply for work visas to teach in the United States anymore. From an office in west Beijing they can teach their mother tongue through the Internet language school eChineseLearning to Americans and students in 41 other countries. January 6, 2008

 -- Jun Wang: High-Tech Delivers Chinese Teachers to the World Entire article     Entire article

The one-to-one teaching model enables students to schedule lessons and choose course content themselves.December 28, 2007

-- Teacher outreach by the means of Internet     Entire article

Since starting the operation last December, the website has signed up more than 400 overseas students ranging in age from four to 74 living in 42 countries. New student enrollment is growing at a two-digit rate month-on-month. December 24, 2007

-- Live online classes cash in on Chinese-language learning    Entire article

"Using the company's self-developed teaching software, along with writing tablets and telephony like Skype, students in far away places can listen, talk to and see teachers, as well as the blackboards behind them. The one-to-one teaching model enables students to schedule lessons and choose course content themselves."December 24, 2007

-- On-line learning tools revisited netspeak    Entire article

Founder and CEO Rao operates, China's largest video-based online Chinese tutoring website.December 24, 2007

-- By CHEN JIALU: Teacher outreach     Entire article

Learning Chinese is IN... October 31, 2007    Entire article
So far, eChineseLearning has enrolled about 300 students from 25 countries. Most come from the United States, but other students come from as far way as Venezuela and Latvia. Students' ages range from as young as 4 to more than 60.August 31, 2007    Entire article
It's been argued that the Web is more of a burden than a tool to make life easier. Think about wasted productivity checking e-mail, hours spent surfing useless sites, or whittling away the day watching YouTube.The service allows students to communicate live with a professional Chinese teacher through instant messaging services like Skype, MSN or Google Talk.August 24, 2007    Entire article
Another good hanyu site is eChineseLearning ( The service allows students to communicate live with a professional Chinese teacher through instant messaging services like Skype, MSN or Google Talk. Private lessons cost as little as $4.50 and are available for children to adults, with topics ranging from Chinese culture to business etiquette. August 24, 2007

-- By Mitch Moxley: Keys to the Kingdom     Entire article

eChineseLearning, an online Chinese language school specializing in one-to-one live video instruction and supplemental education programs, today announced its marketing partnership with Online, located in San Mateo, California.August 21, 2007    Entire article
eChineseLearning provides Chinese language students one-to-one real time lessons via Instant Messaging software. Founded in Beijing in 2006, eChineseLearning offers a variety of programs for individuals of all ages and walks of life, including supplemental language programs for universities and corporations. August 21, 2007    Entire article
Angela Chen, Online General Manager, commented: "Through this partnership, eChineseLearning gives over one million Online readers ready access to superior Chinese language education, particularly for Chinese communities with family members in North America and overseas. We believe that by providing eChineseLearning to SINA overseas readers, their Chinese roots grow stronger, and they in turn will develop an even greater understanding of Chinese language and culture." August 21, 2007    Entire article
eChineseLearning students come from over 25 countries in the world and include business owners, students, actors, professors, and professionals from corporations such as HP, Nike, and Motorola. The company provides students with customized programs to gain a competitive edge; professionals seeking advancement and positions overseas; and families planning a trip in China. The eChineseLearning courses include Standard Chinese for all levels, Business Chinese, Travel Chinese, Business Etiquette, and Culture Training. August 21, 2007    Entire article
Die 2006 gegründete Web-Sprachschule EchineseLearning aus Peking zum Beispiel bietet private Web-Kurse mit Sprachlehrern ab 4,50 Dollar die Stunde an. Die meisten der Dozenten arbeiten hier neben ihren regulären Stellen an der staatlichen "Universität für Sprache und Kultur" in Peking, die als führende Hochschule beim Sprachunterricht für Ausländer gilt. Unterrichtet wird per Skype, bezahlt per Paypal oder Google CheckOut.July 13, 2007

-- Konrad Lischka      English version     Entire article

In cities such as London or New York, an hour of private, one-to-one language instruction can cost more than $30. But at Web sites like, private classes with a native Mandarin speaker cost as little as $5 per hour using online voice and video services such as Skype or Yahoo! Messenger. July / August, 2007

-- Blake Hounshell: Reach Out and Teach Someone     Entire article

EChineseLearning, in Beijing, offers daily Chinese classes for a monthly subscription fee of US$100. The 50-minute lessons are taught by teachers from Beijing Language and Culture University and other schools that work for eChineseLearning on a part-time basis. The classes are all taught online, using the voice chat features of Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger or Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Live Messenger. May 1, 2007    Entire article
Interested in learning Chinese, but don't have the money or time to study in China? Some teachers are turning to Skype for help. April 30, 2007

-- Sumner Lemon: Skype Your Way to Learning Chinese     Entire article

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