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"I'm a college student in U.S, and Chinese is my second language. I like daily Chinese words on your website, especially the popular sayings. I have a few close Chinese friends in my college, and sometimes when they threw out some daily Chinese words, quite often I was not sure what exactly they meant. Your daily Chinese section has been helpful for me. Thanks!"
-- Philip Gutierrez, New York City
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Daily Chinese

Daily Chinese course is for students who do not have enough time to learn Chinese systematically and yet are interested in being able to get by using Chinese in everyday life. Daily Chinese lessons are all based on everyday life and daily topics. Focusing on your spoken Chinese needs in daily life, our Daily Chinese course will help you learn native and effective daily Chinese expressions.
Daily Chinese Lessons
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Daily Chinese: Beginner

Daily Chinese lessons (Beginner level) are for students who are totally beginner or have learned little Chinese.
1. Learn basic vocabulary of daily Chinese, and expressions in typical everyday conversations.
2. Learn from a variety of topics and settings including greetings, shopping, ordering food, asking for directions and times, etc.
3. Goals: Able to communicate in Chinese to the extent that is required to survive everyday life in China.

Daily Chinese: Intermediate

Daily Chinese lessons (Intermediate level) are for students who can communicate in Chinese with basic vocabulary and expressions.
1. Learn more vocabulary and expressions of daily Chinese used in social settings.
2. Learn from a variety of topics including travel, sports, seeing doctor, entertainment, etc.
3. Goals: Able to conduct daily Chinese conversations about familiar topics with native speakers.

Daily Chinese: Advanced

Daily Chinese lessons (Advanced level) are for students who can conduct daily conversations about familiar topics with native speakers.
1. Learn more native Chinese expressions, such as idioms and trendy words.
2. Learn from a variety of topics including chatting on the internet, initiate complaints, discussing social news, etc.
3. Goals: Able to speak native Chinese in daily life and communicate with native speakers with ease about almost any social topics.
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